Patient Care Support

Patient Care Support

No matter where you are in the hospital, there’s a good chance you’ll find a member of our patient care support team nearby. If you join our team, you will perform a variety of important services – from preparing patients for tests to monitoring them while they’re under anesthesia – all to ensure patients receive the treatment they need in a relaxed, professional and helpful environment.

Patient Care Support

Patient care support positions at Yale-New Haven Hospital include:

Patient Care Associates

Essential in helping us provide high quality, comprehensive services, our patient care associates perform both direct and indirect patient care activities.

E.D. Techs

Our E.D. techs work in the Emergency department, assisting care providers under the direction of the R.N. and performing various patient care services.

Anesthesia Techs

Playing a vital role on our multidisciplinary care teams, anesthesia techs assist in administering and monitoring anesthetic during surgical procedures.

Orthopedic Techs

Orthopedic techs at Yale-New Haven Hospital perform both direct and indirect patient care activities—including cast application and other technical procedures—under the direction of the R.N.

Medical Assistants

Our team of medical assistants works in various departments throughout the hospital, preparing patients for tests, cleaning and maintaining equipment, keeping an accurate inventory of supplies, and performing a number of other support activities.


Working within the hospital and at various blood draw stations in the area, our phlebotomists draw blood needed for laboratory testing and also perform various office duties as necessary.

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Many of our patients have a sad face — they are sick and they don't want to be here as a patient. If I see that, I may sing to them.

Domenico Cifarelli

Patient Transport Associate

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