Service Support-Trades

Service Support & Trades

Everyone who walks on our grounds, goes through our doors and relies on our facilities immediately recognizes the contribution of our service support and trades employees. Your skills and professionalism ensure that our hospital is clean, and safe for everyone – from patients and staff to family members and friends.

Service Support-Trades

Service support and trades at Yale-New Haven Hospital include:

Environmental Services

Also referred to as our housekeeping staff, the environmental services team uses a variety of equipment and supplies to maintain cleanliness and ensure our hospital’s appearance meets the same high standards as our patient care.

Patient Transport

Using our computerized transport system, the patient transport staff assists our care providers by escorting patients throughout the hospital and clinics.


Our professional security staff helps the hospital achieve its mission and goals by creating an environment free of criminal activity and other threats to patients, family members and staff.


The responsibilities of our facilities team include building and architectural design and project management that complies with all state laws, coding regulations and hospital criteria.

Plant Engineering

Our plant engineers perform all carpentry, plumbing and electrical tasks, along with other routine maintenance work and construction projects in accordance with state safety regulations.

Materials Service

The department is responsible for a wide range of equipment and materials supplies, transportation and delivery services across the campus and satellite locations in support of patient care.

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My greatest reward is when patients return years later and their cancer is cured. That is truly a victory.

Ronald Salem, MD


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