Of all the careers at Yale-New Haven Hospital, our technical staff is perhaps the most important when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients. From preparing instruments for surgery to assisting with patient hygiene, you will play a major role on almost every multi-disciplinary team and come in first-hand contact with virtually every patient we treat.


Technical positions at Yale-New Haven Hospital include:

Central Sterile Supply

Critical to the hospital’s ability to ensure the safest possible treatment and distribute sterile products in an efficient manner, central sterile supply technicians perform a wide variety of sterile processing duties—including decontamination, assembling, packaging, sterilizing and preparation of case cards.

Surgical Technician

As integral members of the surgical teams, our surgical technicians work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, RNs and other surgical personnel before, during and after procedures. Under close supervision, they help prepare operating rooms, instruments, equipment and supplies—and also assist in preparing patients for surgery.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Under the supervision of an RN, our LPNs are an integral part of our nursing team and our culture within the hospital. They’re responsible for many aspects of patients’ bedside care, including recording vital signs, preparing and giving injections, monitoring catheters, dressing wounds and more—along with keeping patients comfortable by assisting with walking, dressing, bathing and personal hygiene.

Dental Assistant

Our dental assistants play an important role, serving as an extra set of hands for dental operators during procedures. They perform a wide variety of duties, including preparing patients for treatment, sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, taking impressions, and more.

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